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Evaluating a Year of BM

BM class is fun, both because the matter we take up isn’t too heavy as well as the atmosphere in the classroom is relaxed and laid back. Our teacher helps with that because he makes the class light through jokes and the like.

It is not as though I did not learn anything from BM. In fact I did learn a lot and have gained an appreciation of the business world. I was able to easily grasp the concepts that were taught in class and the tools that are used for analyzing businesses even if I had some problems both in organizing my thoughts and writing my commentaries in a balanced way while remembering the terms used for those concepts, it helped me see how businesses worked and what made it turn. It showed me the impact these businesses have in our society and on us. Marketing was a particularly interesting topic worth mentioning. The class helped me appreciate some issues coming up like Facebook’s shift to becoming a public limited company, the impact on the tablet market and threat to apple of the release of Microsoft’s new Surface tablet will bring and the implications on the space industry that private companies are starting to carry some of NASA’s jobs and are the ones creating and owning their own space shuttles.

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