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Idea Blunder

October 28, 2011 Leave a comment


IDEA 1 OCT 1-2

The start of this month was quite hectic for me. Since Xavier hosted the IDEA(International Debate Education Association) 1 competition, I had to help out in the organizing and running of it. The call time for us was supposedly 7 am, registration was originally gonna start by 7:30 or so but everything got delayed. When I arrived at 7 which was kind of late already, I found out that I’m the only one that was there. It was a blow to xavier’s reputation. As a form of damage control, I ran around, contacting people until I was able to get Ms. Santos down and start the registration. things started to go well until the tabs came. after the first round, it was my job to table the scores or tabs so it will be ready for match ups for the next. The reason for this was we wanted the competition to be fair, therefore we want the teams to go against those who matched them in skill.

To put it simply it was a fail. Our match-ups took long and there were inconstancies. Since there were two of us tabbing the scores, there were inconsistencies in the scores so we had to recheck and redo. it took long. the same thing happened for after the second round. IT was a good thing that a XDT veteran dropped by and gave us a hand by the third round which sped things up a lot. however, by the announcing of the overall breaks, we had one error in the order. A team that supposedly had 8 points ended up with 6, it was the fault of a typo because instead of inputting 3 points which equates to first place, a 1 was put. It did not affect the breaking teams though which was good.

Redemption came from the fact that we were able to finish the tabs with speaker scores early meaning that the Veteran, Weston and I stayed late in Starbucks finishing everything to be ready for release ASAP.

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