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Three sub-topics

December 7, 2010 Leave a comment

1- Causes of the revolution

2- Course of the revolution

3- Fall of the revolution

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Proposed Research Topic

December 2, 2010 Leave a comment

I would like to research on the 1st Russian Revolution.
This was from 1905-1907 when the Russians revolted against Czar Alexander II. Somewhat like the french revolution, the populace was fed up with the harsh rule of the Czar.

The events that led to this revolution began when the Czar implemented some semi-liberal laws in the 1800s. He gave the serfs freedom from their landlords. In turn, they were given land in their villages which they can “rent-to-own” in 49 years. Added to this is when he took away part of the lands of landlords to give to the peasants. This did not quite work out since the landlords could choose which lands to give up so the peasants got the worse land, and the “rent” to that land was often more expensive than what the peasants payed their landlords. Another mistake that the Czar did was when he made the zemstva, which were provincial councils in which the peasants can choose their representatives. This was to promote better welfare for the citizens. This took away some of the nobles’ power and made them unhappy. The end product was that it was a losing situation for all of the three classes.

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