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Hell week

Every student experiences at least one hell week per quarter. This means at least four times a year will a student cram so many major projects in one week. During these times, a lot would stay up until 3 am up to finish all the requirements for the next day. This is usually rewarded the next day with twice as much work to accomplish.

I truly understood the  meaning of hell week one week before the dreaded QTs. during this time, my teachers just kept piling work on a plate that was already too full. The result of this was that it changed my average sleeping time from 10pm to 3am. Thus, I was very “sabog” and sleepy during class hours. This sleepiness hindered my concentration, making me blank out on things as my energy drains rapidly. I eventually become twice as tired when I arrive at the house.

My solution to cope is to sleep for about an hour as soon as I get home. This helps me rest my brain a bit, giving me a fresher start when I awake. It also allows me to work more efficiently, cutting the time by one-fourth. The end-products also turn out to be better. It ends up giving me the satisfaction of having a well-done project for submission and at the same time, being well rested during the hectic times.

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