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September 6, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s that dreaded day of the quarter again, the time where the fruits of our labor come out. I have to say that I am not pleased with the results I got, most of them at least. My Chinese is 79 and the others just aren’t high enough. Filipino and math are both 85, then comes English with an 87. I’m happy with my math and Soc Sci though, because both were above my target of 88 with 89 and 91 respectively.

As for next quarter, I hope that these marks will still go higher. It would involve a lot more studying of course, but I guess its necessary if I still want to make IB. Well, that is if I still have the chance to make it.

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Hell week

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Every student experiences at least one hell week per quarter. This means at least four times a year will a student cram so many major projects in one week. During these times, a lot would stay up until 3 am up to finish all the requirements for the next day. This is usually rewarded the next day with twice as much work to accomplish.

I truly understood theĀ  meaning of hell week one week before the dreaded QTs. during this time, my teachers just kept piling work on a plate that was already too full. The result of this was that it changed my average sleeping time from 10pm to 3am. Thus, I was very “sabog” and sleepy during class hours. This sleepiness hindered my concentration, making me blank out on things as my energy drains rapidly. I eventually become twice as tired when I arrive at the house.

My solution to cope is to sleep for about an hour as soon as I get home. This helps me rest my brain a bit, giving me a fresher start when I awake. It also allows me to work more efficiently, cutting the time by one-fourth. The end-products also turn out to be better. It ends up giving me the satisfaction of having a well-done project for submission and at the same time, being well rested during the hectic times.

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